Tan Carpet and Rugs Go Great with Grey Walls

Looking for a great style combination for your home? An easy way to get a sophisticated look is to consider a grey carpet or rug with the hot style choice of grey. The two colors seem to blend easily and are very pleasing to the eye. Don’t feel constrained to using white, black or grey floor coverings. By using beige or tan carpets you will also be able to use complimentary colors such as green and lavender. The end result is a versatile palate that gives you many options to create a stylish yet warm interior space.

Grey has become a popular choice for many home and office interiors. But feel free to accessorize it with other colors to compliment and contrast it. You will be amazed at how it with brighten your rooms and breathe new life to a design standard.

Use Tan Rug Texture to offset Grey Walls

Using carpets with deep texture and patterns can compliment the smooth and monochromatic nature of grey walls, especially if the walls of the whole floor are painted grey. Tan rugs bring a warm and human feel to your home. Bold patterns and designs with other colors give you many choices to pick up in pillows, throws and drapes.

Tan carpet with grey walls

Tan Carpet With Grey Walls

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