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Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589

Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Review

Hi everyone, today we are going to review the Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589. This a high quality, made in America carpet square that is durable and long lasting. Although it is tough enough for offices Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 installed in office.and high traffic areas, it is a very attractive and would look great in any home. The Mystify Impress 00100 has an overall tan or beige color with a linear cross hatched pattern that blends the tiles into a seamless look and feel. The completed installation is very contemporary and sophisticated.

Shaw Carpets are made in Dalton, Georgia and have a renowned reputation for quality and design innovation. Shaw offers a full line of carpets, carpet tiles and area rugs. Shaw has implemented one of the worlds most respected ecological efforts by using recycled materials and carpets in their manufacturing process. So there are a lot reasons to feel good about buying the Mystify Carpet Tile 54589.

Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Are Easy to Install

The Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 is easy to install. Shaw Carpets has a patented LokDots system that makes installation a snap. The carpet squares are secured to the floor quickly and almost effortlessly. If you need to replace a tile do to staining or bring a tile to the sink for a quick rinse it’s not a problem.

Feel Good About Your Eco Friendly Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589

Shaw Insustries has implemented Eco Solution Q as a Cradle to Cradle certified plan to use over 20 million pounds of recycled materials every year while reducing the energy, nylon and water needed to produce it’s world class carpet products. It’s EcoWorx carpet backing is PVC free and has won awards from the EPA. Shaw uses over 40 percent recycled products in its carpets.

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Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Resources

Warranty: Shaw Mystify Warranty

Complete Specs: Shaw Mystify Product Specifications

Installation Guide: Shaw Mystify Installation Guide

All pictures and specifications in this article are provided by Shaw Carpet and and may not be reproduced without their permission. Thank you for stopping by spending the time to read our review of the Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589.

Style Name Mystify Tile
Style Number 54589
Fiber Eco Solution Q® Nylon
Dye Method Solution Dyed
  english metric
Pattern Repeat 14.4 W X 14.4 L 14.4 W X 14.4 L
Tufted Weight 17.0 576.40 g/m²
Gauge 1/10 39.37 per 10 cm
Stitches Per Inch 11.0 43.31 per 10 cm
Finished Pile Thickness 0.118 3.00 mm
Total Thickness 0.260 6.60 mm
Average Density 5186 9.66 kilotex
Product Size 24″ x 24″ 61 cm x 61 cm
Primary Backing non-woven synthetic
Secondary Backing EcoWorx® Tile
Protective Treatments ssp® shaw soil protection

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How to Buy Carpet Tiles Online Cheap

How to Buy Carpet Tiles Online Cheap

I’m going to show you how to buy carpet tiles online cheap. Carpet tiles are simply carpet that has been cut into squares. They are made by the same high quality manufacturers as regular carpet. The top national brands for carpet tiles are Shaw, Mohawk, and Milliken.

Easy Way to Buy Carpet Tiles Online Cheap

Buy Carpet Tiles Online Cheap and Fast

The easiest way to buy carpet tiles online cheap is to access web portals that organize carpet tiles for sale into easy to understand markets. I recommend Biz Rate, Google Shopping, and eBay. You will find some of the best deals available on the Internet right at your fingertips. I have provided links to these networks to make your shopping easier.

Advantages When You Buy Carpet Tiles Online Cheap

When you buy carpet tiles online cheap you have the added advantage of being able to install the carpet tiles by yourself. This can help you save a signification amount of money. It will also save you a lot of time spent shopping in carpet stores. But even if you decide to have a reputable carpet installer put down your carpet tiles, there are still advantages.

Carpet tiles are easy to clean and replace. If you spill a cup of coffee on a new carpet tile you can quickly lift it and bring it to your kitchen sink for quick rinsing and cleaning with a mild detergent solution. If the stain happens to set, you can simply replace the carpet tile with an extra one. Or you could switch the carpet square with another that is hidden underneath furniture.

To Buy Carpet Tiles Online Cheap is Eco-Friendly

Manufacturers are using recycled plastics to make carpet. This greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the industry. And also saves scarce landfills from vast amounts of waste. You can feel good about buying carpet tiles online cheap.

You will have a large selection of carpet square colors, thicknesses, and padding. If you choose to install the carpet tiles yourself you can watch are easy to follow carpet tile installation instructional videos. Some carpet tiles are made for high-traffic and commercial uses.

Some are made for your home. Carpet tiles for your home are usually a little thicker and plusher and also are more highly designed.

Extra Benefits When You Buy Carpet Tile Online Cheap

Shipping your carpet tiles is usually very efficient and inexpensive. This is a great benefit of buying carpet tiles online cheap. You can access warranty and carpet care information for each brand right here.Taking good care of your carpet tiles will greatly enhance your purchase.

Buying carpet tiles online cheap is a great way for you to improve the quality of your home or apartment. It is easy, economical, and environmentally responsible. Carpet tiles today come in a vast array of colors and styles. They are easy to clean, replace, and come with the same warranty as regular carpet. I wish you luck in your home improvement project and thank you for reading my article on how to buy carpet tiles online cheap.

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