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Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589

Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Review

Hi everyone, today we are going to review the Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589. This a high quality, made in America carpet square that is durable and long lasting. Although it is tough enough for offices Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 installed in office.and high traffic areas, it is a very attractive and would look great in any home. The Mystify Impress 00100 has an overall tan or beige color with a linear cross hatched pattern that blends the tiles into a seamless look and feel. The completed installation is very contemporary and sophisticated.

Shaw Carpets are made in Dalton, Georgia and have a renowned reputation for quality and design innovation. Shaw offers a full line of carpets, carpet tiles and area rugs. Shaw has implemented one of the worlds most respected ecological efforts by using recycled materials and carpets in their manufacturing process. So there are a lot reasons to feel good about buying the Mystify Carpet Tile 54589.

Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Are Easy to Install

The Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 is easy to install. Shaw Carpets has a patented LokDots system that makes installation a snap. The carpet squares are secured to the floor quickly and almost effortlessly. If you need to replace a tile do to staining or bring a tile to the sink for a quick rinse it’s not a problem.

Feel Good About Your Eco Friendly Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589

Shaw Insustries has implemented Eco Solution Q as a Cradle to Cradle certified plan to use over 20 million pounds of recycled materials every year while reducing the energy, nylon and water needed to produce it’s world class carpet products. It’s EcoWorx carpet backing is PVC free and has won awards from the EPA. Shaw uses over 40 percent recycled products in its carpets.

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Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Resources

Warranty: Shaw Mystify Warranty

Complete Specs: Shaw Mystify Product Specifications

Installation Guide: Shaw Mystify Installation Guide

All pictures and specifications in this article are provided by Shaw Carpet and and may not be reproduced without their permission. Thank you for stopping by spending the time to read our review of the Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589.

Style Name Mystify Tile
Style Number 54589
Fiber Eco Solution Q® Nylon
Dye Method Solution Dyed
  english metric
Pattern Repeat 14.4 W X 14.4 L 14.4 W X 14.4 L
Tufted Weight 17.0 576.40 g/m²
Gauge 1/10 39.37 per 10 cm
Stitches Per Inch 11.0 43.31 per 10 cm
Finished Pile Thickness 0.118 3.00 mm
Total Thickness 0.260 6.60 mm
Average Density 5186 9.66 kilotex
Product Size 24″ x 24″ 61 cm x 61 cm
Primary Backing non-woven synthetic
Secondary Backing EcoWorx® Tile
Protective Treatments ssp® shaw soil protection

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Posted by James Murray - July 27, 2013 at 9:27 am

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Interface Carpet Tiles

Interface Carpet Tiles For Your Home

When it is time for you to design your floors, Interface carpet tiles are a new and wonderful carpeting option for you. Interface Carpet Tiles is one of the most popular ways of giving a luxurious look to your floors.  Carpet squares came from remnants of newly manufactured carpet. As an innovation, some companies came up with an idea of using these tiles again instead of throwing them away. This innovation helped kick start an industry that is growing at an amazing rate today, giving many customers excellent quality for their flooring needs.

Some of the reasons for you to consider carpet tiles for your floor are as below:

Interface Carpet Tiles Are Easy to Install

The basic advantage of Interface carpet tiles is that there is no need for any professional help to fit them. To get a traditional carpet to fit your flooring is a very complicated process requiring professional help. This is the reason carpet fitters charge huge amounts as beautiful interface carpet tilesfess to install carpets. To avoid huge fixing cost and to install carpets easily, you can opt for carpet tiles. They require to be just put on the floor and after completion of installation, resemble like a traditional carpet. They are preferred by budget conscious buyers and have a huge following.

Interface carpet tiles have another big  advantage and that is of size. Carpet tiles are available in various shapes and sizes. You can select the size of carpet tile based on your room size. This would have required more professional help in case of traditional one-piece carpets and there is no guarantee of perfect job. To avoid huge cost and to avoid repenting later, it is pertinent to opt for carpet tiles as they can be easily cut so as to fit any type of floor. This process can be done by a single individual by laying one by one small portions of tiles one after another in a pattern of your choice.

Interface Carpet Tiles Help Insulate Your Floors

Interface carpet tiles are safe as they have insulating qualities. They also provide warmer floors. There is considerable noise reduction providing for calm and quiet atmosphere. They are available with moisture-resistant and bacteria resistant technology.

Interface carpet tiles are a premium carpet product. You will be happy for many years after your purchase. Be sure to ave any left over squares as they can be used to replace worn or stained tiles.

Most of buyers find value for money with Interface Carpet Tiles and hence, they are not likely to go out of fashion soon. Due to their easy-fitting qualities and low initial cost and with an environment-friendly image, carpet tiles are here to stay for a long, long time.

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I want to personally thank you for stopping by today and reading about Interface Carpet Tiles, Jim Murray

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Posted by James Murray - October 5, 2012 at 1:53 pm

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Floor Carpet Tiles

Floor Carpet Tiles

Carpet squares are becoming the go to choice for folks looking to make a dramatic difference in their home decor at a reasonable price. You can make a sophisticated home fashion upgrade for very little money with new carpet squares. I’ve included an article by John Murray to get you up to speed on the benefits of carpet tiles. It makes some great points and will get you going on the right track. Thanks, Jim

Floor carpet tiles are a an alternative choice to traditional carpeting, and leave some room for your creative juices to flow. Floor carpet tiles offer many pros over traditional broadloom carpeting are certainly worth a look at. So what can carpet tiles do for you? Read on!

Floor carpet tiles are…

– Perfect for children’s rooms, play areas, rec rooms, and family rooms

– Extremely durable and long lasting

– Easy to replace a worn or stained tile with a new tile

– East to install. Peel the backing and stick down just as you wood floor tile

– Easy to clean

– Easy to fit. They are 50 cm square and fit together nicely

– Creativity and flexibility. Let your ideas flow. Mix a multitude of colors, create a border, design a pattern, or do a solid color. Your choices are endless

– Easy to transport. Floor carpet tiles come in a box of 12 that’s easy to transport right in your car. No more waiting for the delivery truck to deliver a huge role of carpet and then fighting to get it in your house. Bring it in box by box with little or no effort.

Floor Carpet Tiles

8 Most Common Carpet Tile Questions and Answers

1. Can I use floor carpet tiles in my kid’s room?

Absolutely. They are an ideal choice for kid’s rooms and the bright colors that are available are very beautiful floor carpet tiles in livingroomappealing to children plus they add a cheeriness to the room. They are also easy to clean up and should one become stained or damaged just lift it up and replace.

2. Can I lay them by myself or will I need help

You can lay floor carpet tiles all by yourself with out bothering anyone for help. In fact why not surprise your husband and wife with new carpet when they arrive home.

3. What kind of maintenance do they need

Nothing different from regular carpet. A regular vacuuming and a carpet cleaning when you do the rest of your home. They won’t shrink and they won’t lose their color.

4. Will I need underlay?

No. Floor carpet tiles have a special backing so you don’t need underlay. You’ll also need to lift any old underlay, then clean and dry the surface to ensure the carpet tiles stick properly.

5. What tools will I need to install the carpet sqauares?

You will need a sharp utility knife with a nice heavy duty blade, double sided carpet, a ruler or straight edge, a tape measure, and a marker.

6. How will I know the quality of the Floor carpet tiles

Just like with regular carpet you’ll need to find out the manufacturer and what their warranty is. Just like cheaper carpet you can get cheaper Floor carpet squares that may not have a warrantee and may not be made to last for years.

7. How do I choose the best carpet tiles for my home

The best carpet tiles are the ones that work for you, and the ones that give you the style and statement you are looking for. You’ll also want to consider the quality and how much traffic they will endure then buy carpet tiles that can withstand the punishment.

8. How do I remove hard stains like wine or ketchup from my floor carpet tiles?

Floor Carpet Tiles

You will at some point find that an accident has occurred and resulted in a stain. Scoop up any excess solid, then soak the liquid up by dabbing firmly. Use a mild spot remover to lift any remaining marks. Many of the new floor carpet tiles are scotchgarded for easy removal of stains.

So with all this information do you now know what carpet tiles can do for you? Plenty!! And they are as easy to maintain as any carpet, while at the same time offering some creativity and affordability. So why not give them a try?

John Murray makes it easy to go through the carpet buying process and provides tips to keep your carpet lasting long. To learn more and receive your free mini-course visit the carpet rugs website.

Plush Carpet Squares

How To Install Floor Carpet Tiles

I really appreciate you stopping by to read about floor carpet tiles, Jim murray

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Posted by James Murray - October 3, 2012 at 11:47 am

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Cheap Residential Carpet Tiles

Cheap Residential carpet tiles are a great way to make over your home or apartment quickly and inexpensively. You can add a splash of color or some real sophisticated deign ideas for just a little money. Tired of that old soiled rug that’s been with you forever, You can update your home design with a little cash and effort. I’ve included an article on cheap residential carpet tiles for your pleasure, Jim.

Cheap Residential Carpet Tiles For Home Use

Demand for cheap residential carpet tiles has increased dramatically over the last 5 years. Originally, carpet tiles were primarily used in offices, hotels, airports etc. Now carpet tiles are installed everywhere including homes and apartments. Bedrooms, basements, living rooms and playrooms are popular areas that you see see these used. Most consumers have been aware of the benefits of using carpeting tiles. The ability to install them yourself and replace as needed are huge benefits. The development of residential carpet tiles and squares opened up the ability to use carpet tiles in almost every room of the home. There are a few differences between commercial carpet squares and residential carpet tiles, also called panels or squares. Primarily the construction differs between the two. Commercial carpet squares and tiles tend to have a loop design in which all of the yarns are tufted into a tight, short loop. Residential carpet tiles and panels offer a variety of designs. There are three main types of residential tiles to give you maximum flexibility in picking the look you want.

Cheap Residential Carpet Tiles With A Flecked Look

Frieze carpet squares and tiles are manufactured the same way as frieze carpet. This design has a fluffy, soft feel. Each yarn was a high degree of twist and looks somewhat similar to a shag but cheap residential carpet tiles for your homewithout the big bulky look. Also, frieze carpet usually has flecks built into it where a primary color is used, but small flecks of other complementing colors are slightly blended in. This blended or flecked look gives a lot of design options and flexibility when picking colors. There are only a few brands offered in the market for residential frieze carpeting tiles. Milliken’s Legato Touch is the most popular and well established of these. Not only has Milliken been manufacturing carpet tiles for years with a proven design, but Legato Touch is offered at a great price point, usually under $ 2 per square foot. An advantage to frieze residential carpet tiles is that this style lends itself very well to hiding the seams where residential tiles join.

Textured plush cheap residential carpet tiles are slightly more traditional than frieze styles. With a semi-trackless appearance, residential carpet tiles and squares with a textured plush construction, give a slightly more formal look. Plush carpet tiles have a level surface and tend to feel denser that a frieze design. If you like a traditional carpet style but want to use cheap residential carpet tiles, this is the type to search for. Milliken’s Legato Embrace is the clear market leader in plush carpet panels for the home. With prices generally under $ 3.00 per foot, this carpet tile can still be less expensive than buying carpet, padding and paying for installation. Generally, plush carpeting tiles will have the largest selection of solid colors to choose from.

Cheap Residential Carpet Tiles Options In Your Home

There is a third option for using cheap residential carpet tiles in the home. Milliken makes a hybrid carpet panel called Fuse. Although, a loop design like commercial tiles, the loops are a little denser giving it a softer feel. Fuse has a unique color and pattern range that offers the ability to mix and match carpet panels by color or pattern or both. Each color in the Fuse product line has several different patterns, so you can stay with one color and use different patterns for a custom look if you want to create something unique. Hybrids and other commercial tiles can still be used in the home. By using these designs you can get a long lasting, rugged carpet tile and still take advantage of the other benefits of using cheap residential carpet tiles. You can find Milliken Fuse priced under $ 3 a square foot and patterned, commercial carpet squares for under $ 1 a square foot.

A tip when shopping for the cheapest price on residential tiles is to make sure you are comparing equivalent prices. Some prices will be listed as priced per square foot, others will be by the square yard. You can convert the price per square yard by dividing the price by 9 to get the price per square foot. Others will only list the price per box or carton. Simply divide the carton total price by the amount of square feet in the carton and you have your price per square foot. Another tip is to remember that Milliken residential carpet panels and some other manufacturer’s tiles have built in padding that saves even more money versus traditional carpet.

There are several places that you can start your shopping for cheap residential carpet tiles. You can certainly try the big home improvement stores, but the selection will be limited and prices will probably be higher than other options. The two best place to shop will be local independent flooring stores and the internet. The local stores will have a slight shopping convenience, while shopping the on internet will reveal your best prices. On the web, look for large, residential carpet tile wholesalers such as Beckler’s Carpet in Dalton, Ga. Flooring wholesalers in Dalton ship nationwide and usually will save you money over purchasing locally. Keep in mind that although there will be shipping charges, these are usually offset by the fact that there is usually no sales tax. You can also save additional money by having them shipped to a business or freight terminal instead of your residence.

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Thanks for stopping by today and reading about cheap residential carpet tiles, Jim Murray.

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Posted by James Murray - October 3, 2012 at 1:47 am

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Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK

Carpet tiles Oklahoma City OK are a great innovation for homeowners. You can buy excellent quality carpet squares at reasoable prices, have them delivered to your home and install them yourself for an easy do it yourself project. Modular carpeting looks almost the same as rolled carpet when installed properly.

You can shop for carpet tiles by clicking on the right-hand pictures to find the best deals on the internet. I’ve included a neat article about carpet sqaures by Sherlyn Jan to help you better understand the advantages of quality name brand carpet tiles, Thanks Jim Murray

Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK

Article by Sherlyn Jan

Whether you are sick of your respective existing carpet or you just want one thing which is low cost to install and clean, Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK really are a great option to rugs or wall to wall carpeting. Versatile, reasonably priced, and readily available in a large number of colors they are different from ceramic or clay tiles in that they call for totally no nails adhesives or carpet strips whatsoever.

Advantages of Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK

Among the most significant advantages of Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK is that they are simple to install. As a result of their particular pressure sensitive bottoms they naturally stick to flooring without damaging its surface. Getting rid of them is simply a issue of peeling them off. They do not loosen, break up, or curl upward. This means that the only person you’ll need to put them in is yourself, there is no need to employ somebody else to install them.

Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK

This also enables you to switch and adjust your Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK as necessary. This also means that your property needn’t have the same carpet forever. Feel free to select something basic or formal for ones guest rooms living room or master bedroom. Your kids can get choose from their very own color schemes in their bedrooms. With numerous patterns, textures, and shades from which to choose you are going to be pressed not to find a carpet tile that doesn’t match every room in your house.

Carpet tiles are easy to clean as well. Generally typical vacuuming will keep them looking bright and new. They’re also easier than wall to wall carpets in that if a carpet becomes stained it really is an easy to remove the carpet tile and wash it separately. If the stain is too nasty, simply throw it out and exchange it with yet another carpeting square. Never again will you’ve to worry about a wine stain ruining your whole carpet.

Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK Are Great For Apartments

These factors also allow it to be easy to set up carpet tiles irrespective of your housing arrangement. The downside to apartments is your decorating choices are sometimes minimal. However, your landlord or landlady shouldn’t object to Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK merely because once you move, you are able to take them with you. This enables you to experiment which has a number of various interior design methods that you just wouldn’t try otherwise. I hope you understand more now about how carpet tiles can help you.

Stainmaster Carpet Cost

Flor Carpet Square Reviews

To read more from Sherlyn Jan basement carpet tiles

It was very kind of you to stop by today and read my piece on Carpet Tiles Oklahoma City OK, I really appreciate it.

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Posted by James Murray - September 30, 2012 at 1:47 pm

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