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Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589

Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Review

Hi everyone, today we are going to review the Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589. This a high quality, made in America carpet square that is durable and long lasting. Although it is tough enough for offices Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 installed in office.and high traffic areas, it is a very attractive and would look great in any home. The Mystify Impress 00100 has an overall tan or beige color with a linear cross hatched pattern that blends the tiles into a seamless look and feel. The completed installation is very contemporary and sophisticated.

Shaw Carpets are made in Dalton, Georgia and have a renowned reputation for quality and design innovation. Shaw offers a full line of carpets, carpet tiles and area rugs. Shaw has implemented one of the worlds most respected ecological efforts by using recycled materials and carpets in their manufacturing process. So there are a lot reasons to feel good about buying the Mystify Carpet Tile 54589.

Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Are Easy to Install

The Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 is easy to install. Shaw Carpets has a patented LokDots system that makes installation a snap. The carpet squares are secured to the floor quickly and almost effortlessly. If you need to replace a tile do to staining or bring a tile to the sink for a quick rinse it’s not a problem.

Feel Good About Your Eco Friendly Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589

Shaw Insustries has implemented Eco Solution Q as a Cradle to Cradle certified plan to use over 20 million pounds of recycled materials every year while reducing the energy, nylon and water needed to produce it’s world class carpet products. It’s EcoWorx carpet backing is PVC free and has won awards from the EPA. Shaw uses over 40 percent recycled products in its carpets.

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Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589 Resources

Warranty: Shaw Mystify Warranty

Complete Specs: Shaw Mystify Product Specifications

Installation Guide: Shaw Mystify Installation Guide

All pictures and specifications in this article are provided by Shaw Carpet and and may not be reproduced without their permission. Thank you for stopping by spending the time to read our review of the Shaw Mystify Carpet Tile 54589.

Style Name Mystify Tile
Style Number 54589
Fiber Eco Solution Q® Nylon
Dye Method Solution Dyed
  english metric
Pattern Repeat 14.4 W X 14.4 L 14.4 W X 14.4 L
Tufted Weight 17.0 576.40 g/m²
Gauge 1/10 39.37 per 10 cm
Stitches Per Inch 11.0 43.31 per 10 cm
Finished Pile Thickness 0.118 3.00 mm
Total Thickness 0.260 6.60 mm
Average Density 5186 9.66 kilotex
Product Size 24″ x 24″ 61 cm x 61 cm
Primary Backing non-woven synthetic
Secondary Backing EcoWorx® Tile
Protective Treatments ssp® shaw soil protection

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Posted by James Murray - July 27, 2013 at 9:27 am

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Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM

Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM For Your Home

Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM can make a dramatic improvement in your home for a reasonable cost. They can be purchased online and installed as a do it yourself project. They are a great idea to use as a runner for hallways as they won’t slip and slide like a traditional rug. Also if they become stained or worn from heavy use you can replace individual tiles.

I recommend Shaw, Mohawk, Legato and Flor carpet tiles. They are high quality tiles that will last and give you a designer look and feel. You can lay these tiles in an afternoon. I’ve included an article by Mark Sullivan to give a further outline on carpet squares. I hope you enjoy it, Jim Murray.

When it comes to choosing a flooring option for your home, consider using Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM. Homeowners, renovators, and interior designers have turned to using carpet tiles for their many advantages. They are cost effective and easy to install, with easy cleanup and endless design possibilities.

It is less expensive to fit a room with Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM for a few reasons. First, tiles are simply cheaper than traditional one-piece carpet. You can get away with buying fewer yards because you do not need to account for the extra footage that it takes to custom fit a room. They are less expensive to maintain, too. If one tile starts to detach from the floor or wall, or the edges curl up, then only one or a few of the tiles need to be replaced instead of the whole carpet.

Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM Save You Money on Installation

Having a traditional one-piece carpet installed can be very expensive, and most of that price is for labor. Measuring and cutting carpet to fit any room is a difficult process that requires a certain skill set. If a room is shaped unusually with lots of corners or curves, then the price of the install goes up. On the other hand, carpet tiles are so easy to install that most people can do it themselves – even beginner DYIers. Using tile-sized carpet squares allows you to fit any room for only the price of the material.

One of the biggest disadvantages to having carpet in the home is the fear of stains or damage to it. If something spills on a traditional carpet and the stain is bad enough, that part of the rug may need to be cut out and replaced. This disrupts the entire carpet. The only way to avoid that is to replace the whole carpet. If Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM are used in the first place then when that spill or occurs only the tile or tiles that are stained need to be replaced. They are easy to replace, as little as eighty-nine cents per square foot, and do not threaten to disrupt the look of the rest of the carpet.

Be Creative With Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM

Interior designers and DIY decorators are always looking for creative ways to make a unique statement in the home. Traditional carpets are just wall-to-wall monotony, but carpet tiles are a new way to bring creativity and style to flooring options. Whether you use them to cover the entire room or just as an area rug, Carpet Tiles Albuquerque NM can be mixed and matched and alternated to create unique patterns on the floor. With thousands of fabrics, colors and patterns to choose from, the design possibilities are endless.

Carpet tiles are a modern flooring solution that brings outfitting any room in the house to the next level. They also come in styles to match any decor. The internet offers many warehouse and discounted prices that makes this already low-cost flooring option a real bargain to purchase and maintain.

For more information on oval area rugs, click on the following link: [].

Basement Carpet Tiles New Mexico

Plush Carpet Squares

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Posted by James Murray - September 30, 2012 at 3:46 am

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Inexpensive Area Rugs For Home

Inexpensive area rugs are a great way to improve the look and feel of your home. You can get plenty of quality in today’s market for very little money. Karastan is a world renowned manufacturer of high quality rugs. The good news is that they are made to be affordable. I’ve included an article on the subject to help with your buying decisions, Thanks, Jim.

Inexpensive Area Rugs For Your Floors

Don’t overlook the floor areas when decorating your home. If you are renting and hate those neutral worn carpets or vinyl floors, add an inexpensive area rug to warm up the space and make it yours. When you move you get to take your rugs with you. There are options in all sizes, prices and styles so it is not difficult to find a great one for your home. Rugs are a great way to add personality and style to a room. Decorative area rugs can warm up any room including patio spaces and kitchens since they come in many fibers and styles.

When considering your options, it can be as easy as logging on to your computer and visiting some of Inexpensive Area Rugs for the livingroomthe floor covering sites. These companies will ship the product directly to your home and if they don’t look right, you can return them and try again. If you would rather shop locally you can find rugs in flooring stores, home building material super stores, department stores, furniture stores, discount retailers and more. You can find very inexpensive area rugs, or very costly wool oriental rugs and everything in between.

Karastan Rugs Are Great Inexpensive Area Rugs

Karastan rugs are some of the most sought after types, but there are many manufacturers offering different brands including Mohawk. There are many imported rug sites on the Internet offering products from around the world at every price point. You need to measure your space so you will get the correct size. You need to decide if you want to cover the whole floor of a room or only a portion of it, like a conversation area or under a dining room table and chairs. Rugs are made in standard sizes, so you will need to check what sizes that your selection comes in and pick the size that fits your needs the best.

Correct Sizes For Inexpensive Area Rugs

Along with getting the correct size, you will want to get one that matches your decor and will hold up to your use. There are kitchen area rugs made to resist stains and being cleaned more often. There are round and oval area rugs for areas that rectangular rugs will not work for. There are designs for outdoor use that will hold up to weather conditions. You want to get an rug that goes with your decorating style. You can get traditional, middle eastern, oriental, modern, southwestern or art deco designs to name a few. Choosing great looking inexpensive area rugs for your home can be a great experience and a chance to add your personality to any home.

Also Consider Cheap Carpet Tiles and Karastan English Manor Rugs

Kevin Fredrickson writes about decorative area rugs at

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