Sisal Rugs Reviews

Sisal rugs are growing in popularity with consumers and decorators. They are rugs made from the natural fibers of cactus plants. The sisal cactus is mainly grown in Africa and Brazil. Only the highest grade fibers are used to make rugs. Brazil is a major manufacturer and exporter of sisal rugs.

Benefits of Sisal Rugs

Since sisal rugs are made from natural fibers they have many benefits. They are eco-friendly to make and support developing economies. Fibers of the sisal cactus are naturally fire and water resistant. The natural colors of the rugs are very beautiful and are prized by decorators and homeowners with sophisticated tastes. The rugs do not attract static electricity or bind dust particles this way.

Because these rugs are natural products they do possess some drawbacks. We recommend that your rug cleaning be a dry cleaning. The natural fibers used are susceptible to drink and pet stains. You can use a fiber sealer to mitigate this.

Sisal rugs are popular with decorators

Sisal Rugs for Your Livingroom

Sisal rugs have very good wear characteristics. Because the fibers are so tough, they will not show wear patterns in high-traffic areas. This makes them perfect for high-traffic entrance ways and hallways. They don’t compress or show vacuum lines.

Choosing the Correct Size of Your Sisal Rugs

If you’re thinking of adding a sisal rug with borders to your dining room you will want to choose the correct size. You’ll start by measuring the width of your table. Then add to that the length of one of your chairs. Add to that a cushion of 6 inches. This should give you a generous area for your guests to be seated. Also do this with the length of your table. This will give you a good idea of the size needed for your dining room rug. We do not recommend having a sideboard on the rug unless all four legs can fit, as this will make your sideboard unlevel. Generally and 8 x 10 rug will suffice but you may have to step up to a 9 x 12 rug.

Sisal rugs are going to be a little rougher than a wool or Berber carpet. They will not be as comfortable to walk barefoot on or to lay on. You will want to consider this before choosing a sisal rug for your family room or basement. You may also choose sisal outdoor rugs for your porch or patio.

Thank you for stopping by my site today. I appreciate your time and hope that you have learned some valuable information about rugs. Clever shoppers may want to search for discount sisal rugs!

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