Plush Carpet Tiles With Padding

Plush carpet tiles with padding are becomming more and more popular. People are attracted to the convienience and low cost of carpet tiles. But they are also demanding a more home styled product that is soft and comfortable to stand on. Several  manufacturers are answering the challenge and providing shag carpet tiles for shoppers.

Carpet tiles are perfect for do it yourselfers and people on a budget in these times. They are easy to install and just as easy to replace. You can even pick one out, bring it to your sink and clean it with a dish detergent and water solution.

Plush Carpet Tiles With Padding Are a New Trend

When carpet tiles first became popular they were designed for commercial and office applications. But

Plush Carpet Tiles in Livingroom

White Plush Carpet Tiles

their popularity began to expand into residential carpet tiles. Homeowners weren’t satisfied with the rough feel of office carpet squares and wanted more attractive and livable designs. People are finding out that plush carpet tiles and shag carpet squares look great in a home.

Plush carpet tiles come in boxes and can be shipped directly to your home. There is usually a system that is used for installation. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully. And remember the tiles are only as good as the sub floor.that they are attached to.

Leading Manufacturers of Plush Carpet Tiles

The leading manufactures of plush carpet tiles are Flor, Shaw, Mohawk and Milliken. All have their strong points and have slight variations in quality and price. These carpet squares are highly recommended by most carpet forums and industry analysts. Several use recycled materials to help the environment.

Plush carpet squares that are Scotchguard treated have a surface tension that will keep spills beaded up so you can clean them up quick and easy. To prevent staining you will need the Stainmaster carpet treatment. This will neutralize the dyes contained on your carpet so that dyes that are in foods and drinks cannot attach themselves to it. These dyes are acidic and eventually may eat their way through the treatment. So clean spills up quickly.

Carpets will get dirty. The stain prevention treatments will not stop dirt from getting on your plush carpet tiles. So vacuum regularly and have them professionally cleaned as recommended. Thanks for Stopping by and reading my article on Plush Carpet Tiles. Jim Murray

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