We Show You How to Install Carpet Tiles

You will learn how to install carpet tiles by reading this article and watching the included videos being reviewed. I hope you enjoy them as they are easy to follow and professionally produced by Builders Direct.

How to Install Carpet Tiles Properly

How to Install Carpet Tiles Properly

So you’ve made your choice to buy carpet tiles for your home. Carpet tiles are beautiful and quiet to live on. They have insulation value and are eco-friendly. Now you just have to learn how to install carpet tiles properly.

I am reviewing two “how to install carpet tiles videos” recorded by Builders Direct that will show you a quick and easy way to properly install carpet tiles in your home. Searching for a really great carpet installation tutorial can take a lot of time. I hope that you will find these two videos very helpful.

Steps on How to Install Carpet Tiles

The first step is to remove the old flooring from the room that you are going to tile. After pulling up the old carpet and disposing of it, you will want to thoroughly sweep the subfloor. This will make for a clean flat surface to put your carpet tiles down on.

When installing carpet tiles you don’t want to have any cut tiles shorter than 12 inches in width. To accomplish this you will want to layout your room in advance by laying the carpet tiles across your room. When you have them laid out properly you can snap a chalk line.

Looking at the bottom of the floor tiles you will see that each has a arrow printed on it. When you lay the floor tiles you will want to make sure that all the arrows point in the same direction. I suggest that you tape a piece of paper on the wall that you will have your seams run to, just in case you take a break and forget which way your arrows were pointing.

The second video gives you great tips on cutting carpet tiles to fit against the walls into corners and over air returns. Properly cutting these pieces for a professional looking result may be easier than you think. Rather than messing around measuring this video shows you how to fit a full tile into place and make marks for easy cutting.

This is definitely one of those instances where seeing a professional share his tips on how to install carpet tiles , can save you hours of work and give you the results you’re looking for in a carpet tile installation. These guys really give you the inside information that you will need to make quick work of your carpet project.

Once installed you will be amazed at the look and feel of this do-it-yourself carpet tile installation. Once you get the hang of it you will be an old pro. These videos have taught you how to install carpet tiles on concrete or plywood.

Once You’ve Learned How to Install Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a great choice for your home. There soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. They’re usually made from recycled materials and come with padding and a self adhesive backing.

You will need a measuring tape, a snap line, a straight edge, a carpenter square, and a cutting knife. Compared to the cost of a professional carpet installation you will come out way ahead. And of course these tools can be used over and over again.

I hope that by watching these two videos you will see that a professional looking carpet tile installation is within your grasp. I happy that you learned how to install carpet tiles and hope you visit us again!

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